Innovative Approaches To Improve Your Career Path

Navigating Your Career Aspirations “I would like everyone in our organisation to have his personal career plan in his hands shortly after joining us” Jason, the leader of a social sector organisation shared that message.  As he explained, it was not easy to attract people to join his team of around 600. The lack of attraction of the jobs in his organisation in the eye of the youth, especially fresh graduates, was the driver for his request. Giving a clear … Continued

I’ve Been Volunteering For A Cause I Believe In! Will It Actually Help Me Get A Job?!?!

How Can Volunteering Help You Get a Lucrative Job? Volunteering can help you get a job. You must have heard this statement several times. But, have you ever wondered how that can be possible. In this article, we are going to discuss how you can get a job by using your volunteering skills. The following tips can help you in your endeavour. # Learn transferable skills Volunteer work can teach you skills that you can use as a professional. For … Continued

Should I Treat My Job Search Like A Job?!?!?

Treating The Job Hunt Like A Job The major difference between successful and unsuccessful job hunters is not some factor out there such as a tight job market, but the way they go about it.” R. Bolles, What Color Is Your Parachute. If you’re serious about securing a job, you’ll certainly treat it like a job and stack everything in your favour.  This can mean: Asking your family to be your personal cheering squad – seriously; you’ll need it!  There’s … Continued

8 Ways Legal Search Firms Find Candidates for Recruitment

8 Ways Legal Search Firms Find Candidates for Recruitment  Law firms that looking for new attorneys often turn to legal search firms to supplement their recruitment process. Small firms, especially, benefit from this service because they are often overlooked in the job field. Legal headhunters are valuable at drawing a candidate’s attention to a law firm that might otherwise go unnoticed. A search firm can showcase the strengths and appeal of these firms, effectively marketing the firm to qualified candidates. … Continued

Happy New Year 2009!!!

Happy New Year 2009!!!   From all of us here at Lexacount Search, we hope that the new year will bring a fresh start and a host of new opportunities for personal fulfillment!  Wishing you and your family health, wealth, peace, happiness and a prosperous 2009.