I Hate My Job!! Should I Quit?

I Hate My Job!!  Should I Quit? Unless you have been lucky enough to inherit wealth or won the lottery, we all know that everyone needs a job!  Sometimes jobs are rewarding, valuable, and exciting!  Conversely, sometimes jobs just plod on and seems to go nowhere.  Indeed, everyone gets stressed out at work from time to time or occasionally hates their job.  But, what do you do if you hate your job all of the time?  What do you do … Continued

Stop Self-Limiting Beliefs!!!! Control Your Career Destiny!!!

Remove Pesky Blocks & Unleash The Hero Within! We all have them. Those little saboteurs that sit on our shoulder and whisper into our ear. I’m sure you know what I mean. It usually happens when you’ve got an idea to do something that is out of the norm – out of your comfort zone – like stretch yourself for a new position. Then suddenly, wham! There it appears… like a ghost from the dark of night. Invisible, but there … Continued

A Potential Employer Asked For a Writing Sample – What Do I Do?

A Potential Employer Asked For a Writing Sample – What Do I Do? Q:  I’m applying for a new job and the company asked me to submit a writing sample.  What do I do? A:  Submit a writing sample, of course!!  Often an employer request for a writing sample strikes fear in the minds of candidates.  However, that does not need to be the case!  If done correctly, a writing sample will help your candidacy instead of hurt your candidacy.  … Continued

What Do You Need To Know To Improve Your Resume?!?!

Common Resume Mistakes We work with employers of all sizes – local, national and international companies, Government departments, and educational bodies.  In working with these organizations, we have found that there are some common mistakes job seekers make.  These mistakes could be costing you a interview!!  Fix them now!! Profile Forget the section labelled “Career Objective”.  Latest survey results were very surprising indeed, revealing that 99% of employers want to see a Profile section in your resume and NOT a … Continued