Trending Now: Should You Take a Counter-Offer?

Trending Now: Should You Take a Counter-Offer? Imagine this: You have not been feeling satisfied in your current job position and decide to look for new opportunities. Your secret job search lands you a great role at a different organization. Now, you just have to resign from your current job. So you attempt to do just that. But, then your boss offers you a higher salary… if you stay. Now what? You essentially have two options: you can either take … Continued

What Do Employers Really Want Out Of A Candidate Or A New Employee

WHAT EMPLOYERS ARE LOOKING FOR When an employer decides to conduct an interview with you, there are certain things that they are looking for from you. Naturally, you are likely to focus on these things during an interview, but you should remember all of the tips in this manual because following those tips is what is going to make the employers see all of those things in you. Since everybody wants to have a leg up when it comes to … Continued

Should You Trust Your Gut in Making Hiring Decisions?

Should You Trust Your Gut in Making Hiring Decisions? First impressions are everything.  Professional mentors, executive recruiters, educators, and other well-meaning mentors regularly remind prospective job seekers of this adage. But how much truth does it hold from the employer’s perspective—or rather, how much truth should it hold? Is it fair to make hiring decisions based solely on “gut feelings”? Ideally no, most employers and job seekers alike would probably agree. While charisma and social skills can and should play … Continued

I Have An Interview — What Should I Do To Prepare To Win?!?!

WHERE MOST PEOPLE GO WRONG Today we’re going to look at where most people go wrong in an interview. Conventional wisdom says that you go to an interview to answer questions. That’s the problem with conventional wisdom? It’s easy and convenient, which is why bookstore shelves are creaking under the weight of books with titles like 100 Easy Answers to Tough Interview Questions. They’re easy and convenient if you can remember all the questions and the appropriate answers or if … Continued