Emotional Intelligence: The Hidden Driver of Great Leaders

Emotional Intelligence: The Hidden Driver of Great Leaders Emotional intelligence. It is one of the most powerful influences of a company’s bottom-line performance. Why? Because Emotional Intelligence (EI) — self­-awareness, empathy, and rapport with others — has a clear link to professional performances. Research shows that men and women with high EI have the power to influence their colleagues’ moods and behaviors. It can travel through an organization like electricity! Upbeat, inspirational people can cultivate those around them to embrace … Continued

Have An Interview? Are You Prepared?!?!?

YOUR INTERVIEW Have you ever been on a date where you had nothing in common so you spent your time asking questions about the other person’s past? Where did you work before that? Where did you grow up? Where did you move to after that? How many brothers do you have? You get the idea. Your brain is in escape mode and your mouth is simply buying time until you can leave. Many people find themselves in the same situation … Continued

Making a Career Transition: Here’s How!

Making a Career Transition:  Here’s How! Changing careers can be a difficult decision.  However, if you are making a career transition, there are things that you can do to make the search easier.  Your first step in preparing for the transition is to disregard job titles as you search. That may seem counter-intuitive since you have probably been told that your resume should be catered towards a certain job opening – Yet, this is only true when you have experience … Continued

Help! I’m A New Supervisor? How Do I Manage My Team?

NEW SUPERVISOR: UNDERSTANDING HOW YOUR UNIT WORKS When you first take over as a new supervisor, or even before, you want to get a good understanding of how things work in your unit–the specifics of the unit processes and how they fit into the larger organization. You also want to understand how people work together. Several strategies will take you a long way to understanding your unit and its operations: ● Meet with your predecessor ● Review documents ● Meet … Continued