Dealing with Multiple Generations in the Workplace

Dealing with Multiple Generations in the Workplace These days, most workplaces are multi-generational.  Currently, in the workforce, there are Generation Z, Millennials, Generation X, Generation Y, Baby Boomers, and the Greatest Generation.  With all of these, the employee age range is vast and differences, real or imagined, can lead to generational conflict in a corporate hierarchy.  As a result, with each new generation entering the workforce, all of the preceding generations have to adapt.  Indeed, all sides seek to adjust … Continued

Should I Send A Thank You Note After My Interview?

JOBSEEKER FAQS ON THANK YOU NOTES Career advisers tell jobseekers to send a thank you note after an interview. To address the most frequently asked questions on how and what to send in a thank you note, here are some give aways. Won’t the employer think that an applicant is desperate and a sissy applicant if he sends a thank-you letter? Of course not. Rarely does an employer not pleased to receive a thank-you letter. It is considered as a … Continued

I Just Was Extended A Job Offer, Should I Write A Thank You Note?

“THANK YOU FOR HIRING ME!” A thank you letter after you accept a job offer shows good taste, gratitude, and in general shows a new employer that they made a wise decision in hiring you. Most new hires do not write one, so if you are one of the smart few people who do, your relationship with your new employer will get off to a great start When you write this type of letter, the main goal you wish to … Continued

In the New Economy, Do We Have Work-Life Balance?

In the New Economy, Do We Have Work-Life Balance?    As with many workplace issues, corporations and employees do not always have the same perspective, and therefore, do not always agree.  And, as you might imagine, with issues around work-life balance employers and employees aren’t in agreement. Work Life Balance.  In a survey from CareerArc and, they report that approximately 67% of HR representatives believe that their employees have achieved that delicate balance between work and home life.  However, … Continued