Yikes! I Have a Consulting Interview and It’s Supposed To Be a Group Case Interview! What Do I Do?

How to Manage a Group Case Interview In an earlier post, we reviewed tips for managing and mastering the Case Interview process.  As a result, if it is a general Business Case Interview, you should have a number of tips that will help you get started and get prepared.  However, what happens if the firm changes the format?  What if the firm wants you to interview with other candidates in a Group Case Interview?  Fear not!  Here are some tips … Continued

I’m Updating My Resume. I Don’t Have My Degree Yet, But I Will. Can I Put That I Graduated?

LIARS GET CAUGHT! WHAT NOT TO PUT ON YOUR RESUME “Everybody does it” as they say. Face it, the job market can be a very tough place to compete. If everyone inflates their experience then how can an honest person get a job? Well, as tempting as it may be, you do NOT want to risk lying on your resume. Whether it’s personal information, job experience, or schooling – employers are finding new ways to sniff out liars and you … Continued

Is It Talent Or Skills That Gets You The Job?

TALENT In this article I want to talk about talent. You see, jobs that use your TALENTS are far more rewarding than finding a job that utilises just your skills and experiences. Just because you may have a degree in marketing does not mean you have a TALENT for it. Talent is another reason why people with little or no experience are getting jobs over people with resumes packed with experience. It is also the reason why people with a … Continued

Do You Want to Be A Consultant? Master the Case Interview!

Tips for Answering Business Case Interview Questions Successfully Do you want to be a consultant?  Have you begun the consulting position search process, but, haven’t found the position of your dreams yet?  In interviewing, have you run into Business Case Interview Questions and found them challenging?  If you answered yes to any of the above, Lexacount Search can help.  We can help you get prepared for Business Case Interview Questions with some tips below: 1. Take Notes As your interviewer … Continued