Trending Now: Tips to Give Your Job Search Structure!

Trending Now:  Tips to Give Your Job Search Structure! Organization is a key component for any job search.  Without a strategy, it is challenging to begin a job search.  However, with some self-evaluation, you can get started.  To begin, ask yourself these two basic questions and the rest of the process will become much easier: (1) what opportunities am I going to be looking for and (2) how am I going to find them? In answering those questions, consider the … Continued

I Need To Improve My Career Development — How?!?

Do Things You Don’t Like How do you do things you don’t like? I think we have all been brainwashed to believe we need to be inspired to do things. Otherwise, it feels forced. But if we continue along that path then what we will do is end up being unhappy. So, can we force ourselves to be inspired? I believe we can. Here are my tips on how you can do things you don’t like. Forcing inspiration to appear, … Continued

I Have Great Skills — How Do I Improve My Resume For Employers?

TURN SKILLS INTO IRRESISTIBLE REASONS TO HIRE YOU Most job applications for a position will read the same. And why shouldn’t they? After all, you learned how to write applications at school or from a book along with MILLIONS of other people. What’s more, they’ll all have about the same level or skills as you. After all, if they didn’t have the skills or experience, they probably wouldn’t be applying for the job! So saying you have been a welder … Continued

Have a New Job? 4 Tips for Making Your Start A Success!

Have a New Job?  4 Tips for Making Your Start A Success! Do you have a new job?  If so, do you feel a little bit nervous?  If you do, you’re not alone.  Everyone who starts a new job is a little trepidatious – after all, you don’t know anyone and you don’t know what exactly will be expected.  So, what do you do?  How can you ease your anxieties?  How do you make the first couple of weeks in … Continued