Trending Now: 3 Ways to Find a Job Faster

Trending Now:  3 Ways to Find a Job Faster Tips for Improving Your Job Search Got a difficult problem in your job search? Say, a lack of networking contacts? Or trouble answering interview questions? Good news: You take solve your job search problems today, simply by writing them down. Read on to learn a 3-step method that shows you how. If you’re having trouble with your job search, don’t worry!  You’ve got company. Problems in a job search are as … Continued

I Have Interviews With Two Prestigious Law Firms. How Do I Compare Law Firm Associate Professional Development Best Practices?

How Do I Compare Law Firm Associate Professional Development Best Practices? Law firm associate professional development programs and their successes and best practices are important from the perspective of both the law firm associates and the law firm itself.  As we will see below, after graduation, a law school student is typically looking for a law firm where he or she can build his or her career.  As a part of determining which law firm is the best fit and … Continued

I’m Seeking A New Job — What Skills Do I Need!?!?

JOB SKILLS ON THE LOOSE In today’s competitive life, employers are more inclined to find people who can contribute to the growth of the company and not just boost its productivity. Hence, most employers tend to look for people who are endowed with the most desirable job skills in order to match the expectations and necessities of the company. Therefore, for people who wish to make it to the jobs that they have long been dreaming of, it is important … Continued

Pinpoint Your Perfect Career!!!

Pinpoint Your Perfect Career!!! Do you feel trapped in your current position?  If you, you’re not alone.  Many people find themselves feeling the same way.  If a person doesn’t love his or her job, work can create undue stress and burn-out.  Further, work-related stress can become unbearable and can cause overall life dissatisfaction.  That is untenable — After all, most people are at work more time than they are asleep — That is too much time to be dissatisfied. If you … Continued