Add These Creative Tactics To Your Job Search Arsenal!!

4 Creative Tips to Finding A Job In the current economy, no matter what your seniority level, it is important to keep apprised of the state of the job market.  Further, in doing your market research, you may find your perfect new position!  Or, you just may be in search of a new job!  In either case, if you are going to be successful in your search, you have to be creative!  Here, we will identify a couple of new … Continued

Uh Oh!! Is My Job In Trouble?!?!

FOUR SIGNS YOU MIGHT GET SACKED The end of the year might often bring personal revising for many companies. The immediate consequence will be firing people. So that a similar managerial decision will not get to you unprepared, here are some signals you should watch out for. 1. The consultant. The consultant is that person that comes to reevaluate and to make plans for the distribution of personnel. Sometime, his job can be to tell who stays and who goes … Continued

Interested in Making a Lateral Law Firm Partner Move . . .

Use These Tips to Make Your Move Easier! As we all know, 2009 was a banner year for lateral moves, as there were a record number of AmLaw 200 partners moved between and among the firms.  As The American Lawyer reported, in the 12 months finishing Sept. 30, 2009, 2,775 partners left or joined firms in the AmLaw 200, increasing 10.6% over 2008. Further, as reported in The American Lawyer, the reasons for the moves broke down as follows:  (1) … Continued

I’m Hiring New Team Members — How Do I Make Our Company’s Job Descriptions Most Effective?

JOB DESCRIPTIONS: WHY EFFECTIVE JOB DESCRIPTIONS MAKE GOOD BUSINESS SENSE Most neophyte workers or even freshly graduated members of the workforce will jump into jobs without knowing their job descriptions. This practice is understandable. Many of these fresh graduates are just glad to have gotten a job and will try to avoid being to nosy or pushy when it comes to work. They may think that ‘demanding’ a job description will be an added negative to their employer’s impression of … Continued