I Think My Resume Needs Help — How Do I Perfect My Resume?

THE IDEAL RESUME When one goes for an interview, the potential employer has no idea of who the applicant is. In some cases, the person applied to the ad while others used a headhunter or job site on the internet and matched their credentials for the position. First Impressions The first impression employers always look at is one’s resume. Given the many that apply, this usually takes about 30 seconds and so with the limited words, one must be sure … Continued

I Feel Like My Job Search Is Going Nowhere — How Do I Improve It?

IMPROVE YOUR JOB SEARCH Having spent the last few years of my career in the staffing and recruiting industry, I’m asked all the time by friends and relatives if I can help them find a more desirable job. I’ve helped my fiancé get a job, helped my college buddies get jobs after graduation, and even helped a few high school buddies find jobs having not seen them for years. It’s a real joy in recruiting when you can help someone … Continued

7 Credibility Busters that Can Ruin Your Job Search

7 Credibility Busters that Can Ruin Your Job Search Do you feel that your job search is spinning you in circles? Have you lost support from colleagues or networking groups? If so, it may be time for some self-reflection; to take a hard look at your personal credibility. Ask yourself – How many of these CREDIBILITY BUSTERS are you guilty of? You’re a frequent teller of little white lies. Sure, white lies may seem harmless – but get caught by a potential … Continued

Give Your OnLine Identity a Protective Shield

How to Create a Shatterproof Online Identity   Some people who “Google” themselves on the Internet might not like what they see. And what is it that they see? It could be a poor choice of words on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter, compromising photos, or other potentially harmful references from their past—all of which could hurt them on a professional level. However, never fear: these things can be fixed with the “5 Cs” of bulletproofing your … Continued