Help! At What Type of Firm Should I Start My Accounting Career?

5 Tips for Understanding What Role Company Size Should Play in Accounting and Finance Job Search When searching for a job, is your goal to land a position in a large and notable company because you think that it offers better salaries or opportunities? Even though there’s a wide range of employment opportunities in the field of accounting and finance, it’s still not easy to get a job at a large firm. However, company size doesn’t matter. Both large and … Continued

Help!! I’m Scheduled For A Group Interview — How Do I Prepare?

GROUP INTERVIEWS The other day, I received this question from a reader. Has anyone ever heard of a group interview? I am getting conflicting information on this. I was told that it involves the interviewee and several interviewers at one time ………. and also I was told that it involves several interviewees and some interviewers and the interviewees stand up in the front of the interviewers and make their presentation. Does this description sound confusing? I had almost forgotten that … Continued

I’m A New Parent And I’m Looking For A New Job With Flexibility — How Do I Find It?!?!

GOOD FLEXIBLE JOBS Congratulations! So you’ve decided to make a leap back into the workforce after having a baby (or two!). Millions of moms have known for years that you can manage the two and do it without being burnt out and without sacrificing quality time with your family. In fact, most working mothers report that their life is much more rewarding because they have the best of both worlds. How do they do it? If you want to get … Continued

Women Law Firm Associates – 5 Ways to Chart Your Path to Success!

Women Law Firm Associates – 5 Ways to Chart Your Path to Success! The legal profession has grown more diverse over the years. In fact, according to the Annual Review of Law and Social Science, “Women in the Legal Profession,” this change has been occurring rapidly over the past 250 years and some scholars consider it to be “revolutionary.” Even so, generational social barriers present challenges for women. These barriers can include anything from casual workplace bias to a significant … Continued