I’m Applying for a New Position and I’m Worried About Social Media – What Should I Do?

Employ These 5 Tips to Use Social Media’s Power to Find Your Next Job! Today, employers regularly review the social media pages and profiles of potential employees.  In evaluating internet search results, many corporations utilize what they discover and find that this additional information makes hiring decisions a little easier in the competitive job market.  Indeed, as a candidate, the “ghosts from your past” can now be easily pulled up during a job interview or screening process.  As a result, … Continued

I Just Met Some Industry Leaders While Networking — How Do I Follow Up?

How to Follow Up on All Contacts If you are still in the job search process, it is extremely important to follow up on all contacts. It is not good to just sit and wait for results to come pouring in when you think that you’ve already done your part because your contact information has been distributed. Consider two men applying for a prime position at a company. After the interview, the first applicant just sits around waiting to hear … Continued

Help!! Where Do I Find a Good Job?!?!

A HIDDEN GOLDMINE OF JOBS Employers have basically three ways they look for staff. They can run situations vacant ads, employ a personnel agency or go through their own files of previous applicants. Each one of these ways has its problems. They’re either costly, or time consuming. To an employer, time is money… and money is money. Anything that will save an employer money has got to be good for the employer. If you can save the employer money it’s … Continued

Help! My Law Firm Laid Me Off! What Do I Do?

Position A Failure or A Layoff as A Positive Getting laid off from any job can be demoralizing and anxiety-inducing. You may feel a sense of vulnerability and hopelessness that you never felt before. How will you break the news to family for whom you provide, to friends and colleagues who respect you? It is not easy to deal with a hit to your pride and livelihood. You may never have imagined it happening to you and when it happens—you … Continued