Have an Accounting Position Interview? How to Handle Questions that Test Your Market Knowledge!

Have an Accounting Position Interview?  How to Handle Questions that Test Your Market Knowledge!   You have your first big interview for an accounting analyst position at a big firm – what do you do?  You know that being good at numbers is not enough; Employers want a well-rounded, enthusiastic, intelligent, and engaged candidate. Moreover, you know that employers prefer candidates who are knowledgeable and passionate about accounting. To prepare for your interview, it is best to brush up on … Continued

Help! I Have An Interview — What Do I Wear?!?!

Dressing Up for the Interview Prepare and practice for an interview. After the date and venue has been set, allow time for enough preparation for the big day. Remember that first impressions do last, so the way an applicant look really does matter. Employers could easily give the verdict based on the manner of dressing during the initial interview. Better questions and service can be received if the appearance itself commands respect. It is important to consider the surroundings of … Continued

How Do I Achieve Positive Career Change?

Positively Thinking Out of the Box How can one person “think out of the box?” This should be done independently, but how? Here’s an example: Cut a cake into eight slices but you have to make no more than three cuts. Most people will have trouble coming up with a way to cut the cake. But to solve this, you have to change the way you look at the cake and how to cut it. One perfect solution is to … Continued

Polish Professional Presence with Talking Gestures

How to Prepare for a Phone Interview Did you know people tend to lose 30% of the energy in their voices on the phone? Your body language and facial expressions comprise more than half of your personality, yet the minute you get on the phone, part of it is lost. This can be especially problematic for attorneys who are trying to attract new clients or simply network with a contact.  A phone conversation just isn’t the same as face-to-face interaction. … Continued