How To Be Happy At Work!!

Being Happy at Work – 6 Tips to Be Happy at Work Can someone really strive being happy at work? I mean after all, it is called work. Is work supposed to deliver happiness to us? I happen to believe work can deliver happiness and you can strive to be happy at work. Entirely possible. I have seen people who are happier at work than anywhere else. And they are perfectly healthy people. 1. Stop Complaining I think one of the biggest challenge … Continued

I Just Graduated — How Do I Start My Job Search?!?

What Job Suits Me? A Degree with No Job, Where Do I Start? You have just graduated, and you are wondering “what job suits me”? Ideally, this should not occur if you have sufficient self-awareness and planning. But that is all water under the bridge now. Before I move on to find an answer to the question “what job suits me”, I need you to first understand a few points. The answer to the question is simple, though the journey is not as … Continued

Advanced FAQs About Working with a Legal Recruiter

Advanced FAQs About Working with a Legal Recruiter   In our previous blog post, we presented “Beginner FAQs About Working with a Legal Recruiter.” In this post, we’re going to move past those and tackle higher-level inquiries. Below are advanced FAQs about working with a legal recruiter: Q—Can a legal recruiter help me decide what type of position is best for both my skills and personal values and preferences? A—While you want to choose a career that optimizes your educational … Continued

Burnout At Work — What Do I Do To Avoid It?!?!

How to Avoid Burnout at Work I am often asked how do you avoid burnout? This is especially true when you find yourself spending too many hours on a certain project. Especially those projects that are drawn out and do not seem to have an end to them. If you work and work and find no more interest in your work, you will soon find yourself burning out. You work on a certain project day-in day-out. Surely, there will be … Continued

Beginner FAQs About Working with a Legal Recruiter

Beginner FAQs About Working with a Legal Recruiter In other blog posts, we address what to expect when working with a recruiter. However, what about legal recruiters specifically? To help answer that question, we have . . . more questions. Luckily, though, we also have answers with these beginner FAQs about working with a legal recruiter: Q—What can a legal recruiter do for me? A—One of the goals of any legal recruiter is to help candidates find permanent work within … Continued