I Finally Figured Out My Dream Job! Now How Do I Get It?

Pursue Your Dreams – 7 Things to Keep in Mind and Do You want to pursue your dreams. You have lots of dreams. Things you want to do. But somehow you are held back. In actual fact, no one is holding you back, you are the only one that is responsible for what you can and cannot do. So how do you pursue it then? Here are a few things to keep in mind. 1. Go Create an Impact You … Continued

Victory! I Have an Interview with a Top Accounting Firm! How Do I Prepare?

Top 50 Accounting Behavioral Interview Questions Most corporation, public companies, law firms and consulting firms increasingly are following the trend of using behavioral and situational questions in interviews.  These employers are using behavioral interviews to test whether you will excel at the job or struggle with it. In reviewing a candidate’s answers to direct and sometimes challenging questions, employers evaluate a candidate’s past behaviors and experiences to predict how he or she would respond or act in the future.  Therefore, … Continued

Yahoo!! I Have an Interview With a Top Finance Firm! How Do I Prepare?

Top 50 Finance Behavioral Interview Questions Behavioral/Situational interview questions are useful in gaining more insight on the candidate. These sorts of questions scrutinize talent and the candidate’s ability to think through a situation he or she might stumble into or has already experienced. This method of interviewing is extremely helpful when deciding to fill in a higher-level finance position. As a candidate, you should be aware of these questions and handle them with confidence. It is highly advised that you … Continued

Top 50 Law Firm Interview Questions You Need to Be Prepared for in Your Behavioral/Situational Interviews—Plus How to Answer 12 of Them!

  Law firm interviewers tend to ask candidates questions that test their abilities to “think on the spot.” These questions are designed to assess any number of skills, most notably problem solving and analytic aptitude, compatibility and people skills, time management, personal motivation, emotional health and stability, and beyond (American Bar Association). While the interview may be an intimidating and unpredictable affair, you can prepare yourself to answer these questions with confidence and acumen. Below is a list of 50 … Continued