Good Career Advice? Where Do I Get It?

Good Career Advice Last week, during a discussion, I was asked if I had some good career advice for someone who wanted to quit their job. These are some of the good career advice I have come across over the years that I found to be true myself. These advices did not come from one person; in fact I have even forgotten who was it from. But these were told to me, some times I am not sure in jest … Continued

8 Career Planning Tips for Recent College Grads

  These days, most young people are expected to go to college.  But, while they are expected to go, not many know why or have a career plan once they get there.  When parents or business colleagues ask a college student what his or her dream job is, most reply,  “I’m not sure . . . ”  Those students are not alone.  They “don’t know” because they do know that career planning is a long and difficult process, filled with … Continued

Rebranding: The “5 C’s” of Managing Your Personal Brand and Bulletproofing Your Online Identity

Some people who “Google” themselves on the Internet might not like what they see.  And what is it that they see? It could be a poor choice of words on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter, compromising photos, or other potentially harmful references from their past—all of which could hurt them on a professional level. However, never fear: these things can be fixed with the “5 Cs” of bulletproofing your online identity, which are as follows: Step #1: … Continued

I’m So Unmotivated!! How Do I Stay Focused At Work?!?!

Powerful Words That Keep You Motivated at Work I am not sure if you can classify these as powerful words that keep you motivated at work. Perhaps they are more akin to attitude but I feel if you remember the words, it may actually help you keep motivated at work. 1. Discuss Don’t Complain How often do you catch yourself complaining about others at work? Finding fault about others? You may think you have a legitimate reason but all the complaining … Continued

I Never Seem To Have Enough Time — What Am I Doing Wrong?

Create Time – How To Get More Time In Your Day at the Office How do you create time? Really, sometimes, it is not so much about creating time but about not losing time. Based on observations of myself and my productive colleagues, on many occasions, time is wasted on things that are not supposed to be done then. I am sure you have heard of “there is a time and place for everything.” Here are my suggestions on how to … Continued