How Do I Get To Be A Great Leader?

Traits of a Good Leader – Learn These Traits and Start Practicing Them To Be Promotable What are the traits of a good leader? To say these are traits seem to indicate that they are born with them. I am using the term traits loosely and not in the academic sense of how professors who study leadership would describe. The traits I have listed are observed in the years I have been working and also as someone who has been … Continued

Law Firm Associate Professional Development Programs: 10 Features That The Best Programs Have

  When new lawyers begin the first day of work at their law firms, they will ideally have a solid understanding of the law from law school and the bar, but, they do not always have a clear understanding what practicing law entails at a big law firm.  As a result, recently, large law firms have begun to develop associate practice skills to ensure their long-term success.  Moreover, even the most promising junior lawyers are in need of practicing new … Continued

I Have A New Job — What Can I Do To Show Value And Be Good At My Job?

Being Good at Your Job – Stop Creating Excuses and Start Creating Reasons How do you start being good at your job? For one thing, it is time to stop creating excuses for your mediocrity and start creating reasons to excel. Being good at your job takes commitment and it takes hard work. Not lip service that most mediocre employees dwell in. I am overworked. I don’t have enough time. My work-life balance sucks. I need some rest. I hate … Continued

9 Questions You Should Not Ask in an Interview

  “Do you have any questions for me?” your interviewer will most likely ask you after an extensive and informative job interview. Ideally you will have thought of some questions to ask in advance. After all, you know that the quality of your questions can reveal a lot about your enthusiasm for the position at hand and desire to excel at the job should you be hired. That said, there are some questions that are better left unasked. Below are … Continued

Happy New Year 2012!!!

Happy New Year!!  This Year, We Will Bring You The Best Job Opportunities!!  Legal | Finance/Accounting  May the New Year bring to you good tidings of the warmth of love and a light to guide your path towards a positive destination!!  All of us at Lexacount Search hope that all of you will have a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2012! This year, we will share more and more outstanding news with you.  Our legal recruiters and our finance/accounting recruiters are … Continued