My Job Makes Me Feel Meh . . . Is It Me Or The Job?

What Is Job Satisfaction? What is job satisfaction? Job satisfaction can briefly be described as your feelings regarding your job and how happy do you feel doing your work. It can be affected by many factors like company policies, your relationship with people in the company, how you feel you have contributed to the company and whether you are being appreciated. The theories of job satisfaction has been studied for many years and not all consultants and researchers tend to … Continued

Eek!! How Do I Manage My Personal Brand When Looking for a Job? 5 Tips for Avoiding Social Media Profile Mistakes

Researching job candidates through social networks makes hiring decisions a little easier in the competitive job market.  As a result, social media “stalking” has now become a commonplace practice for employers.  A candidate’s “ghosts from the past” can now be easily pulled up during a job interview or screening process.  Further, social media mistakes can also be the reason why a particular candidate did not get an interview in the first place.  Indeed, according to recent studies and anecdotal evidence, … Continued

Top 5 Reasons Law Firms and Corporate Legal Departments Should Use Legal Recruiting Firms to Find Top Talent

Today, there are human capital and talent resources available that simply did not exist even a decade ago for law firms and corporate legal departments. Nowhere is this truer than when it comes to hiring new partners, counsel, associates, in-house counsel or other legal professionals. Most law firms and corporate legal departments use their own websites, on-line career sites, and other social media tools for recruiting. All of those internet or passive tools are fantastic, but when a law firm … Continued

Work Isn’t Making Me Happy Anymore — What Do I Do?

What Are the 5 Keys to Job Satisfaction? What are the keys to job satisfaction? You spend so much time at work that job satisfaction must be a determining factor of your happiness outside work too. After one, one will affect the other. If you are not very satisfied with your job, you are in all possibility, at least one third unhappy with your life, since you spend eight hours of your day at work. What are some factors you … Continued