Creating Passion At Work!!

How To LOVE What You Do Creating passion is a challenge isn’t it – trying to love what you dread. Be it a client or an account or even a certain process in the work you do. Sometimes just that one thing alone makes it difficult for you to even climb out of bed. Passion for your work is such a romantic term. Can passion be truly created? I believe it can. How do you create passion for your work? … Continued

Big or Small? 5 Considerations for Choosing Company Size in Accounting and Finance

When searching for a job, is your goal to land a position in a large and notable company because you think that it offers better salaries or opportunities? Even though there’s a wide range of employment opportunities in the field of accounting and finance, it’s still not easy to get a job at a large firm. However, company size doesn’t matter. All companies – both large and small – have their advantages, and you may have access to a better … Continued

Creating Your Dream Job

The Answer To Your Dream Job Maybe In Creating It Rather Than Finding It Creating your dream job, is it possible? I am not talking about starting your own business; I am talking about creating a dream job with your current job. Let’s look at some criteria that may help in creating your dream job where you are now.Is there a way to do this? Why look elsewhere unless you have tried to make the current job a dream job? Wouldn’t … Continued

How You Tell Your Story Will Help You In An Interview!

Is your story making or breaking you? Everyone has a story to tell. It’s the way you tell it that counts. Your story makes a difference to everything you do in your life. Whether that story is for clinching a new business deal, for securing a new job, or to negotiate something which is important in your life. Whatever the circumstance, your story has the power to impact your life, and others’ lives, in untold ways – but only if … Continued

Have a Finance Interview? How to Handle These 10 Questions that Test Your Market Knowledge!

  Interviews are always stressful. The ultimate goal is to make a good impression without being awkward. In a finance interview, your personality and knowledge are being put to the test tremendously. More importantly, when your have a finance interview, your interviewer will also test your market knowledge.  Your interviewer will want to gain insight about your thought process.  As a result, interviewers will ask your opinion on certain relevant industry topics.  To get you started in your interview preparation … Continued