5 Tips for Making a Lateral Law Firm Move as a Junior Attorney

Spending countless hours on your job search, selecting the right firms, investing every moment for the right match, and interviewing like crazy for months, all while staying right up in your current job, can make you mentally and emotionally exhausted. With a focused career goal, you can make your “entry level” or “lateral move” job hunt a little less exhausting.  Below are five tips for making a lateral law firm move as a junior attorney: #1—Finish strong in the early … Continued

Don’t Derail Your Interview With These Words

Don’t Derail Your Interview With These Words Interviews are stressful, mostly because you never know what to expect. Every interviewer is different, and sometimes you click with your interviewer and make effortless conversation to the point that it no longer feels like an interview, more like a casual conversation with something greater at stake. Sometimes, though, you get the interviewer who is no-nonsense, who makes you nervous, shows indifference toward your answers, or never seems particularly impressed at all. Whatever … Continued

Do You Have A New Job? Are You New To The Workforce?

8 Things to Remember When You Join the Workforce What are some essential graduates career advice I can give if you have just graduated? Which eight would I choose as something you can start with as you join the workforce? I consider these to be the basics of graduates career advice. I am sure there are more than these you can bring into the workforce. These eight is a start to ensure you begin on your right foot. 1. Time … Continued

Have An Interview? Questions: What And What Not To Ask and Not Ask!!

Questions to Ask and Not Ask in Your Job Interview You’re applying for that plum admin job and the interview is going well.  You’re well prepared and you’ve answered all the questions with alacrity and skill.  Now comes the sticky part: The hiring manager turns the tables and asks you, “Do you have any questions you’d like to ask?” This is not as easy as it sounds. The interviewer will be evaluating your questions as much as he or she … Continued

5 Tips for Making a Lateral Move Between Public Accounting Firms

As accountants, we have studied long and hard, through college, graduate school, and entry-level accounting positions, to develop our careers.  In choosing the accounting industry, we knew that we were developing transferable skills that allow us to move freely between different organizations and locales.  Additionally, as rules-oriented accountants, traditionally, we thought of advancing our career in a straight, forward-looking manner.  However, as we manage our career growth, sometimes we need to be flexible in identifying the next step in accomplishing … Continued