Top 10 Resume Mistakes & How to Fix Them

Presenting an effective resume is the most critical step in your search for your dream job. First impressions are crucial, and your resume will influence how a hiring manager views you and your candidacy. The quickest way to get passed over for a new position is to submit a resume with flaws. Simply put, your resume’s quality can make or break your chance at being considered for a new opportunity. To prevent your resume from being bypassed, avoid the ten … Continued

Advancing Your Career in 2013

Four Easy Steps to Finding Your Perfect Job in 2013 Although January 2013 is fast coming to a close, the whole of 2013 is still relatively new. In the first quarter of the year, both candidates and companies are searching for a new beginning. Economic indicators for 2013 predict a robust economy and, as a result, the job market has begun to rebound. In conjunction with this favorable news, Lexacount Search is working with many new candidates — professionals (lawyers, … Continued

How To Negotiate Your New Salary!

How To Negotiate Your New Salary! People do not like salary negotiations because they are either a) not good at it or b) are too scared. After all, every agreement involves some risk. However, this risky action of negotiation can also be very adventurous. If you are prepared before you finally begin, it is more probable that you will succeed. Prior to any sort of conversation, you need to understand what you want and what you are fine with losing. … Continued

Trending Now: Are You Making These Career Mistakes?

Trending Now: Are You Making These Career Mistakes? We all have our fears and concerns regarding our professional lives.  To ease our anxiety, we often ask the question: “What are the major career mistakes to avoid?”  Clearly, different people will give different answers. However, there are three main mistakes that you should try to avoid! By knowing these three moves, you will be more aware of whether or not you are taking such actions and how to change your behavior/mindset … Continued

Happy New Year 2013!!

  Happy New Year!!  In 2013, We Plan to Bring You The Best Job Opportunities!!  Legal | Finance/Accounting  All of us at Lexacount Search hope that all of you will have a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2013!  This year, we will share more and more fantastic career and professional development news with you.  Our legal recruiters and our finance/accounting recruiters are the best and only work with the most outstanding candidates.  Further, our recruiters only work with the most outstanding … Continued