Tips For Interviewing with Big Law!

Tips For Interviewing with Big Law! Nervous for your interview with Big Law? That is certainly understandable. To have come this far requires a great deal of drive, talent, and persistence. It would be a shame to stumble now! Fortunately, with a little preparation and confidence, you can ace your interview and make it clear that you are the one to hire. You have probably read countless articles about what you should do during an interview. Perhaps you even received … Continued

Interview Advice: How to Respond to Weird Interview Questions

Even the most experienced job seekers, all of whom have been on dozens of interviews in their lifetime, never go into an interview feeling 100% at ease. The stress of being put on the spot and not knowing what questions the interviewer will ask can be overwhelming. As we all have been told before, the best way to reduce this stress is to prepare adequately for the interview.  Common preparation tips include researching the company, reviewing common interview questions and … Continued

Leveraging Your Network – Using Social Media in Your Job Search

  Finding a new job can be difficult in any economy, and with the current economic conditions, it is even more different.  Today, more than ever before, there is increased competition for every open opportunity a firm or a company posts.  With this in mind, it is very important for any job seeker to use all the resources at one’s disposal to find the perfect job.  One tool many people don’t effectively leverage, however, is social media.  Sites like Facebook, … Continued

Associate Mentoring is Good for Law Firm Profitability

Associate Mentoring is Good for Law Firm Profitability By Jacqueline V. Guynn INTRODUCTION As a first year associate at a large law firm, I once asked a very successful junior partner the secret to his success.  His response — also the title to a Harvard Business Review article — was: “Everyone who makes it has a mentor.” That’s when I noticed that he did indeed have a mentor — a close working relationship with a very senior partner, who taught him … Continued