Big Law Wants Me!! How Do I Prepare for a Law Firm Interview?

Big Law Wants Me!! How Do I Prepare for a Law Firm Interview? You finally got the attention of the Big Law Firm of your dreams. Congratulations! Now you must focus on the next big steps, one of the most important being your interview. After all the work you have done to receive top grades at law school or to network your way into a lucrative position, it would be self-sabotaging not to prepare for what lies ahead in the … Continued

Body Language Secrets of Successful People!

Body Language Secrets of Successful People! Often, actions speak louder than words and can tell others a lot about your attitude. Therefore, good body language is essential for a successful professional life! After all, you do not want your boss to think you are uninterested in what she is saying because you fail to give her eye contact or spend most meetings slouching in your seat, staring at the ceiling. You want people to see you as positive about your … Continued

Today’s Economy: Increased Job Growth in the Accounting and Finance Industry

In today’s job market, qualified candidates seek employment with long-term growth potential. Careers that project industry growth, low unemployment rates, and high income are what job seekers are looking for when choosing their path. With the economy slowly but surely recovering, lucrative opportunities in the accounting and financial industries are on the rise. The United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that, between 2010 and 2020, the overall job market in the United States economy will increase … Continued

10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Internship

Are you a student? Are you in college or graduate school? Are you looking for an internship? As you peruse the opportunities, do you wonder which opportunity would be best for you? Do you evaluate which opportunity would be the best for your career over the long-term? If you use the tips below, you will get some tips on finding the perfect opportunity! 1) Find the right internship for you Finding the right internship can be a tricky dilemma. What … Continued