Top 10 Tips to Prepare for an Interview

As you are getting ready for your upcoming interviews, use these top 10 interview tips to prepare you to do your best on your interview day. These tips will help you be your best self and will prepare you for almost any situation you may run across so that you can be a success in the interview process. Although our pointers may seem obvious, these best practices will help you manage your way through almost any interview situation. Don’t just … Continued

Trending Now: What To Do If You Are Stuck In A Career Rut

Trending Now:  What To Do If You Are Stuck In A Career Rut Perhaps it would be best to start by stating the obvious: nobody wants to be a career rut. After all, how can you expect to enjoy life when what you do for a living brings you no joy? Instead, you move from day to day waiting for that spark to return, waiting for a sudden burst of motivation or purpose to underscore every task you perform, maybe … Continued

Six Tips for Successful Career Planning As a Lawyer: What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up and How To Get There

Plan You Career As A Lawyer All lawyers and law students are focused and ambitious. But, even with that drive and motivation, lawyers sometimes struggle with outlining a detailed career path that will lead to their success. As they grapple with starting the practice of law, they find that career planning is a long and difficult process, filled with questions like: (1) where should I start – what position will best help me advance my career; (2) would a move … Continued