Life Lessons for Women: 9 Things It Took Me Way Too Long to Learn

Posted: 06/10/2013 9:42 am EDT  |  Updated: 06/10/2013 5:44 pm EDT By Leigh Newman Tales from a 41-year-old. Wisdom — and the woeful path that preceded it — for all ages. 1. Standing Up For Yourself Isn’t Pouring Water On Somebody’s Head. Once upon a time, I had a bad habit. When I felt ignored, dismissed or put down verbally by an individual, I poured a glass of water on that person’s head. Usually that person was a man. Most of the … Continued

Gen Xers & Millennials: 5 Tips for Bridging the Generation Gap

  Generation gaps can create communication and technology conflicts, but they can also increase creativity and bring different perspectives at work. Bringing together different age groups can be challenging. According to the Society for Human Resource Management’s 2011 poll, 47% of younger workers said that older ones were resistant to change, while 33% of older workers complained that younger ones are too informal and lack respect for authority.  Even with those inter-generational challenges, ultimately, you want your team to be … Continued

How to Find Your Dream Job . . .

  When you were a child, you might have said “I want to be (insert your dream job) when I grow up” a million times and under multiple circumstances.  As individuals grow and mature, some people change their minds several times and others become more resolute and passionate about a specific career.  In today’s economy, one of the most desired careers is being employed by itself. Whether you have that one job you have always wanted or in search of … Continued

How To Demonstrate Communication Skills, Rather Than Just Claim To Have Them!

How To Demonstrate Communication Skills, Rather Than Claim To Have Them! Many job seekers seem to understand that they need to have effective communication skills if they are to be competitive in any field—but what are communication skills, exactly? And how can job applicants prove that they have them to back up the lofty claims mentioned in their resumes? After all, it is not enough to claim that you possess a certain skill; hiring managers like to see concrete examples … Continued