I’m Think I’m Overqualified, But I Need A New Job . . .

How Do I Market Myself Effectively? The legal market continues to endure languid and challenging for seasoned lawyers alike. If you are in that category and, currently, are seeking a new job, you might feel tainted by a certain lofty but not particularly helpful label: “overqualified.” How, then, will you establish yourself in the legal market if no one is willing to hire you because of the quantity of your experience and education? Fortunately for you, “overqualified” does not have … Continued

10 Top Interview Tips — How to Ace Your Job Interview

Although the unemployment rate is steadily decreasing, in the current economy, there are only a precious few open jobs.  And, when you are searching for a job, it can be hard work – exhausting, frustrating, tiresome, and, occasionally invigorating – when you finally land that job interview!  Now, that you landed that interview for the job of your dreams, the hard work continues.  You need to bring your ‘A’ game to ace the interview, establish yourself in the company, and … Continued

Mid-Life Career Shift Strategies — How to Make a Smooth Transition to Your New Position!

Mid-Life Career Shift Strategies! If you are thinking about switching careers at the midpoint of your life, you may be experiencing a range of emotions. On one hand, you are probably excited about the idea of seeking new opportunities and excelling at a new job; however, you still most likely have some understandable concerns. For instance, you may wonder how your younger colleagues may react to having a person well-acquainted with the work world among them. You may even fear … Continued

Time for a Resume Tune-up – 5 Ways Your Resume Can Beat Applicant Tracking Systems

Finding a job may seem impossible if you do not have any connections. There are so many resumes flooding recruiters in the recruiting department, that, in some instances, they have no way of looking at every single resume they get every day. Nevertheless, resumes are evaluated and rejected every day without ever even being seen by human eyes.  How does that work? Well, most major firms and corporations use Applicant Tracking Systems, which help pre-filter resumes.  This system scans for … Continued