Woohoo!! I Have an Interview With a Big 4 Accounting Firm!! How Do I Prepare?

How Do You Prepare for an Interview with a Big 4 Accounting Firm? For many accountants, the ultimate goal would be to land a job with the Big 4 accounting firms (Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, and Deloitte). Within in the industry and worldwide, these organizations are considered the best of the best. Naturally, an interview with a Big 4 employer can seem daunting. However, don’t be too overwhelmed. It is better to handle the process as you would for … Continued

5 Steps to Start Planning Your Career NOW!

When you were younger, you were probably asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” You might have answered that you wanted to become a doctor, so you could heal the sick.  Or maybe an engineer like your Dad, so you could build the tallest buildings.  Or perhaps a lawyer, so you could defend those who can’t defend themselves. However, adolescent dreams often dissipate in the face of reality.  Even though you may be on your way … Continued

Beware!!  Don’t Take This Job . . .

What Are The Signs That This Is the Wrong Job For You?  Are you on the job market?  Are you desperate to find a new job?  Or, perhaps you already have a job and are looking to start anew somewhere to different to gain fresh experience. Whatever the case, you are most likely certainly excited to embark on the journey – but do not be too hasty. Consider carefully what you are looking for in a job, or what you … Continued

4 Ways a Faculty Member Mentor Can Be a Boost to Your Career

The future can be incredibly confusing and downright overwhelming.  Different paths lead to different destinations, but which one is the right one? This is where a college professor or faculty member, who is your mentor, can help.  A mentor truly will care about your future, too, and that often goes largely unappreciated. Unfortunately, many college students feel as though they’re just faceless numbers on an attendance sheet.  As a result, they never get the chance to make use of the … Continued

Business Organization (Corporate) Law

Business Organization (Corporate) Law What Is Business Organization (Corporate) Law? Broadly, business organization (corporate) law is the field of law that addresses the various ways a business owner can legally form a business under each states’ laws.  Under state law, a business owner will form his or her company to best meet the corporate needs.  The different types of business formation can include: partnerships, corporations, partnerships, S corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs).  Business organization law covers topics such as … Continued