Banking and Finance Law

Banking and Finance Law What is banking and finance law? Banking and finance law encompasses the spectrum of laws relating to banking and the ownership and organization of banks and other depositary institutions.  Banking and finance law also covers the ownership and organization of mortgage banks, holding companies, and other financial services institutions which state or federal banking regulators monitor.  More specifically, in a banking and finance law practice, a banking and finance law attorney will monitor and advise on … Continued

How to Prepare for the 5 Most Common Questions Asked During an Interview

  The job interview can be a stressful experience for many of people, but preparing for the questions can help increase your confidence level.  Below are the five most common questions asked during an interview, including the logic behind them and how to consider answering them: #1—“Tell me about yourself.” This is typically the first question the interviewer will ask.  It’s an opportunity for them to assess you as a person through what you say and how you deliver it.  … Continued

Perfect Your Resume!

Perfect Your Resume! Everyone knows the importance of a good polished and up-to-date resume.  When was the last time you looked at yours and added any missing helpful information? Even if you are currently not seeking a job and are very content in your position, your resume should always be employer-ready.  This post will review a few steps you can take to ensure that your resume is in top condition, no matter your current employment status. 1.  Make your resume … Continued

Q&A: I Think I Want to Be A Lawyer . . . What Should I Know . . .

Q&A:  I Think I Want to Be A Lawyer . . . What Should I Know . . . Law is an amazing profession, but becoming a lawyer is not for everyone. When it’s not a good fit, it comes with miserable consequences. But for those who belong, law is a wonderful place to be. The best time to figure this out is before going to law school. Even before thinking about the pros and cons of becoming a lawyer, … Continued

5 Hard Questions to Ask During Your Interview

Asking questions is an important part of a face-to-face interview, not only to find out more about the company, but also as an approach for building a relationship with people who might be future colleagues (and even your future boss). Although some questions are easier to ask than others, asking the more difficult questions definitely can help you get to know the company and the people with whom you might be working. Below are five hard questions that you should … Continued

Commercial Transactions / UCC Law

Commercial Transactions / UCC Law What is Commercial Transactions / UCC Law? In the early 1950s, United States lawmakers created the Uniform Commercial Code (“UCC”) to standardize and regulate commercial or business dealings and transactions across the 50 states.  At a high level, the nine articles of the UCC govern the sale of goods, leases of goods, negotiable instruments, bank deposits, fund transfers, letters of credit, bulk sales, warehouse receipts, bills of lading, investment securities, and secured transactions.  More specifically, … Continued