What Millennials Want From Work

If you’re a manager or if you lead a team, you may have surveyed your personnel and thought something similar to the following: “I can figure out the gunners and the super-ambitious types; I know who got the job as a favor to the biggest client; and I can identify the sycophants, the train-wrecks, and the office ‘dinosaurs’ . . . but I can’t figure out the Millennials. What do they want?” If that’s the case, you’re not alone. As … Continued

Improve Your Networking Skills! 5 Key Steps!!

Improve Your Networking!! It doesn’t matter who you are or what your title is, networking is a critical skill for professional success and career advancement.  Building powerful relationships with others in your field can help you to stand out, both as an individual and as a company.  If you’re an employee or candidate, those relationships might help you to land a great new job.  If you’re a hiring manager, those relationships could allow you to identify and hire the company’s … Continued

Law Firm Look: Partnership

How Optimistic Are Law School Grads About Their Success on the Partnership Track? To start, almost every associate considers the possibility that someday, they may find themselves on the enduring road that eventually ends in partnership.  However, few know when the promotion to partnership will happen and even fewer know exactly what it takes to navigate that process successfully.  However, what is clear is associate who are promoted to partner are happy and satisfied that they persevered through that long … Continued

4 Steps for Finding a Mentor to Help Grow Your Career

A mentor can play a very important role in growing your skills and enhancing your career.  That’s because a mentor should be willing to provide unbiased advice and expertise in the areas in which you’re seeking to improve. While actually finding a mentor can prove to be a confusing process at times, it might be easier than you think.  With that in mind, below are four steps for finding a mentor: #1—Determine your weaknesses and your goals. There’s no point … Continued

Government Contracts Law

Government Contracts Law What is government contracts law? Government contracts law is the area of law which governs the award of contracts between two parties where the government is one of the parties and the second party is typically a private company.  Government contracts law determines the performance under that contract and the litigation of any disputes that may arise thereunder.  Private companies who are parties to and participate in these contracts are required to meet certain standards such labor … Continued

Copyright Law

Copyright Law What is copyright law? Copyright law is a form of intellectual property protection provided by U.S. law. When a person or entity holds a copyright, the person/company has the exclusive rights to publish, reproduce, and/or sell his or her original work.  An original work typically is defined as a piece or work that is architectural, literary, dramatic, musical, or artistic.  In most instances, an author will gain copyright protection for his or her original works of authorship that … Continued

Franchise Law

Franchise Law What is Franchise Law? In franchise law, a company with a well-known brand (the “franchisor”) gives authorization to an individual or group (the “franchisee”) to act on the franchisor’s behalf or operate a business using the franchisor’s brand.  To promote fairness and compliance with the law across the United States, the Federal Trade Commission regulates franchise law, along with other federal and state laws.  More specifically, franchise law encompasses common law, regulatory law, and statutory law that manages … Continued