Are You An Associate? Will Your Law Firm Increase Salaries in 2015?

Will Associate Salaries Increase? According to information published in a recent article, BigLaw associate starting salaries have remained stagnant for several years — so, now that 2015 is upon us, what can we expect from major law firms?  Can we expect these firms to increase associate salaries this year?  As a reminder, in 2014, first-year associates starting at large law firms in New York typically earn $160,000.  Although the starting salary in New York is high, across the nation, … Continued

Five Pros and Cons of a Career in Accounting

Are you confused about whether to choose a career in accounting?  Is becoming an accountant is the right job for you?  Below are five pros and five cons of an accounting career that every college student needs to know before they choose their career path:   Pros of a career in accounting: #1—Lots of job opportunities Almost every organization and business is in need of an accountant.  Accountants play an essential role in keeping businesses within their budgets.  So as … Continued

Trending Now: Have Law Firm Salaries Gone Up?

Trending Now:  Have Law Firm Salaries Gone Up? If you are a recent law school graduate, take note:  In addition to all of your other employment concerns, now, there may be salary and compensation trouble on the legal industry hiring horizon as well.  Indeed, in response to the question, “Have law firm salaries gone up,” the answer is a definitive “No.”  In fact, instead, salaries have remained steady, or decreased, considering cost of living increases.  “Why?” you may ask.  Here … Continued

5 Reasons Associates Leave Law Firms

5 Reasons Associates Leave Law Firms The landscape of the legal industry changed dramatically during the past several years, and it’s changed for a number of reasons. One of those reasons was the most recent recession, which had a profound impact on the world views of big law, law firm clients, and law firm partners and associates.  Another reason was the new generation of workers, the Millennials, who hold a different perspective about the global economy and the legal industry, … Continued

The #1 Habit of Successful Women Rainmakers

How do women lawyers become successful rainmakers? They habitually use interpersonal marketing to develop strong client relationships and win confidence. Studies show that women are considered to be more trustworthy than men. They’re better communicators, willing to express their feelings and tap into others’ emotions. This especially comes in handy when dealing with clients and learning about their needs. Clients and prospects want to explain their concerns and women lawyers can be highly effectively at giving them focused attention. This … Continued