Immigration and Naturalization Law

Immigration and Naturalization Law What is Immigration and Naturalization law? Immigration law relates to the process of gaining citizenship and/or the temporary or permanent move and relocation from one country to another of people and families.  With an immigration law practice, there are a number of areas of sub-specialties.  These include:  national security, asylum and refugees, trafficking, permanent residency, naturalization, and citizenship, family reunification, unaccompanied children, and employment and labor rights.  In addition to these sub-specialties, in this day and … Continued

Need a New Job?  Contact a Recruiter!!

10 Reasons a Recruiter Can Help Your Job Search Finding a job can be stressful. Not all people are blessed with the ability to sell themselves well to potential employers. If you find that the search has become frustrating, then working with a recruiter might be the solution to your problem. A recruiter is a person who can find a suitable job for you. The recruiter’s job is to match your skills and background with an employer’s need. They have … Continued

Be a Connector: 5 Ways to Effectively Grow Your Network

When it comes to beginning or furthering your career, networking is more than a practical “business move.” It is an opportunity to make contacts that may help you realize and reach more specific career goals. To grow a strong network, you must be willing to meet people and make connections again and again, and perhaps some more after that. Below are five steps you can take to grow an extensive network that will aid you throughout your professional life. #1 … Continued

Why Resumes Fail the 6-Second Test

Why Resumes Fail the 6-Second Test It’s not an exaggeration. Your resume has approximately 6-seconds to make a good impression on hiring managers and human resource professionals. Given the volume of applications every job generates, the the short “scan” time should not come as a surprise. That’s why you need an eye-grabbing resume for every position you apply for. It’s the only way you can quickly demonstrate that you are more than capable of handling the job. So, how can … Continued

You Have Lots of Offers: How Do You Choose the Best Next Company for You?

You Have Lots of Offers:  How Do You Choose the Best Next Company for You? Q:  “I have got a problem. I have multiple job offers in my hand. I have gone over all the issues involved. But, I am unable to decide which one is just perfect for me!  How do I decide?” A:  This is definitely a fantastic and complex situation for any candidate, especially considering today’s economy. But nonetheless, it is a problem, and one you need to solve … Continued

5 Steps for Passing the CPA Exam

The CPA exam, an essential certification for accountants, is a difficult and time-consuming test.  This 18-month journey is difficult, but if you follow the five steps outlined below, it can be a successful journey: Step #1—Select the exam day. Once you decide to take the CPA exam, apply and pay for it as soon as possible.  If you don’t make a reservation for the exam, you’ll always make excuses to do something else instead of studying.  So select a day … Continued

Happy New Year 2015!!!

Happy New Year 2015!!  From all of us here at Lexacount Search, we hope that the new year will bring a fresh start and a host of new opportunities for personal fulfillment!  Wishing you and your family health, wealth, peace, happiness and a prosperous 2015.