Are You Ambitious?

Not Getting Promoted At Work?  Here Are Three Reasons Why! Perhaps you love your job and are very good at it—so good, perhaps, that you wonder why you have stagnated in your current position. “Why haven’t I been promoted?” you think. After all, you have been going above and beyond what has been asked of you since you started the job. Believe it or not, if you self-reflect, you might be unconsciously doing—or rather, not doing in some cases—things that … Continued

Are You Looking for a New Job? 3 Ways to Find a Job Faster

Are you having a problem with your job search? Do you lack networking contacts? Or, do you find that you have trouble answering interview questions? Well, you’ve got company. Problems in a job search are as common as mosquitoes in July.  But there is good news! Here’s a 3-step process that shows you how to make your search a little easier! Start by writing your specific problem down on a piece of paper?  When you write problems down, you take … Continued

Yikes!! I’m Late for My Interview!! What Do I Do?

How Do You Overcome Being Late and Other Job Interview Mistakes Interviews can be stressful. They require you to present yourself as favorably as possible to “stand out” among all other applicants. After all, first impressions are everything. Perhaps your last interview did not go as well as you had hoped. Maybe you have never been on a formal interview before and simply worry that you will break an unspoken rule of interviewing that will put you out of the … Continued

When Will the Recruiter Call Me Back?

What Recruiters Wish Candidates Knew About the Job Search Process When you send your resume and cover letter into the void, you may have several thoughts going through your head at once, including excitement and anxiety. You may be thinking:  “What will a recruiter be looking for in my job application?” and “Is there anything I can do to get on a recruiter’s “good side” or even bad side?” Or, even:  “What can make me stick out as a candidate?” … Continued

Writing a Compelling Cover Letter: Get Your Resume Noticed!

Your resume has been updated and thoroughly polished for errors. Your skillset shows you to be versatile, your past employment and experiences reveal a well-rounded and dedicated worker, and your credentials shine. Now you are prepared to send your resume out to prospective employers. Several positions catch your eye, but you know the competition will be fierce. How will you stand out from the rest? Most likely, you will need to write a compelling cover letter to accompany your resume. … Continued