7 Reasons Why A Lateral Career Move Is Still a Great Opportunity

Let’s face it: in the past, the term “lateral career move” has often been viewed in a negative light. However, times have changed, and whereas that might have been the case once upon a time, new patterns of thought dictate that such moves can represent great opportunities. That’s because, like most things in life, the path to career success is not a straight line. In fact, sometimes the quickest way to get where you want to go is to take … Continued

How Successful Professionals Network (Even When They Have No Time)

How Successful Professionals Network (Even When They Have No Time) You’ve had a difficult day. It all started when you slept through your alarm and didn’t get to go to the gym.  Then you had back to back to back to back meetings, so you didn’t get any actual work done.  And, then that “day” repeats itself over and over. With such a stuffed calendar, who has room to network?  You do. And, here’s how! 1.        Remember … Continued

Time to Improve Your Network: 5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Networking Skills

It’s the start of Q2 2015 and networking continues to be an important professional skill in the global economy. Networking can provide advanced professional development and long-term success. Moreover, as we know, the opposite of networking is “Not-working.” Any professional seeking success will find that networking is an important part of that success. Each meeting with a new contact in your industry can provide an opportunity for friendship, mentorship, professional development, and relationship building. So, set aside your bias against … Continued

The Reason I Can’t Get a Job Is Because . . . 

The Top 3 Job Search Myths and How To Defeat Them The job search process can be truly trying and intimidating, often leaving you with more questions than answers—about your marketability, about your experience, and about the whole process in general. To make matters even more frightening, many misconceptions tend to haunt the anxious job hunter. In this post, we will look at some of these misconceptions and challenge them head on, determine if they hold any truth, set out … Continued

Will the Claims on Your Resume Stand Up to Cross-Examination?

How to Add Proof to the Claims on Your Resume People lie.  While sometimes, it is a “little white lie,” designed to protect someone’s feelings, sometimes the lie can have devastating consequences.  And, while we would never expect it to be true, sometimes people lie on their resumes.  As a result, employers now carefully review candidates’ resumes to see if they contain exaggerations or mistruths.  To ensure that they are not fooled, employers follow strict fact-checking processes to review all … Continued