Trending Now: Legal Hiring is Up!

Trending Now: Legal Hiring is Up! Good news!!  Hiring is up in the legal industry. According to the Labor Department, the United States legal services sector added 2,300 jobs in April 2015.  In this number, the Labor Department includes jobs such as attorneys, patent agents, paralegals, process servers, notaries, among others (Gershman).  Moreover, going forward, legal employment levels are looking both steady and fairly high right now. Overall, there were 1,122,100 jobs in April, a preliminary and seasonally adjusted number. That … Continued

Best Practices in Transitioning from Associate to Partner Rainmaker

There is no single success formula for becoming a rainmaker. It takes commitment, diligence, and business development savvy to play the part, and keep it. Successful rainmakers draw on personal strengths to build relationships, market their services, and reign in a pipeline of new business for their firms. Here are a few key strategies associates can use to take their legal careers to the next level. Laser-Focused Business Development Law firm associates who want to make partner must have a … Continued

How to Show Personal and Professional Development in the Interview

In our previous blog post, we discussed how you should “Answer These Two Questions to Boost Your Interview Success.” In that post, we determined that the interviewer will assess you on both a personal and a professional front. However, what specific things can you do to show your development in those areas during the interview? Showing Personal Development Your personality in an interview can manifest itself in every little detail, but don’t let this stress you out. Otherwise, your anxiety … Continued

How to Make Time for a Job Search When You Already Have A Job …

How to Make Time for a Job Search When You Already Have A Job … It can be difficult to juggle search for a new job when you already have a job. After all, how are you supposed to make time for networking events, scouring job postings, and going to interviews when you have to worry about getting to where you need to be on time, taking calls, and getting along with coworkers at your current job? One thing is … Continued

Answer These Two Questions to Boost Your Interview Success

Congratulations, you’ve landed a face-to-face interview! This is an excellent opportunity to show off your skills and achievements and move one step closer to receiving an offer of employment from this company. You might be a little nervous, but you should also be confident. You wouldn’t have an interview if the company didn’t see potential in your candidacy. However, to fully prepare and ultimately boost your interview success, you should answer the following two questions: #1—How is the interviewer assessing … Continued