Partnership Potential: Top Must-Have Characteristics for Associates

Navigating the road to partnership can be difficult, especially for junior law firm associates who are just learning the ropes fresh out of law school. True, there are a select number of attorneys who are primed for partnership the moment they land their first jobs, but they are the chosen few. Like most other associates out there, you will have to work hard (for many years) for a partner role. Identifying a Potential Partner Law firms always have their eye … Continued

How to Tell the Difference Between Law Firms!

How to Tell the Difference Between Law Firms! Law firm rankings such as those published by Vault, The American Lawyer, and other sources can offer much insight into the financial power and overall robustness of a firm. No doubt, with the year coming to an end and summer associate programs underway, law students at schools across the country are pining for Big Law jobs.  With all this information circulating about, and with so much uncertainty surrounding Big Law job prospects … Continued

3 Ways to Attract Diverse Law Firm Associates

Increasing and maintaining diverse attorney representation at U.S. law firms continues to be an uphill battle. According to The American Lawyer, in their Annual Diversity Scorecard, the share of minorities, for example, working in the United States at the largest law firms inched up to 14.4 percent last year, from 14.1 percent in 2013. The Scorecard also shows no substantial increase in the overall percentage of minority lawyers since 2008, when the share reached 13.9 percent.  Even more eye-opening, these … Continued

5 Benefits of Using a Recruiter for Your Job Search

There are many aspects to consider when searching for a new job.  It’s about more than just skills, abilities, and experience.  It’s also about finding a position that complements your personality and working at a company where you fit into the culture. The last thing you want to do is accept an offer of employment from a company and then immediately regret the decision once you start working there.  The Chinese philosopher Confucius once said, “Find a job you love … Continued

The “Perfect” Resume — Resume Dos and Don’ts

How To Perfect Your Resume! As the economy continues to improve, more and more employment opportunities in the legal and finance fields are becoming available.  As a candidate, as these new opportunities arise, you probably will dust off will dust off your resume to prepare for the application process.  At this point, likely, you will ask yourself, “How do I make the perfect resume so that employers notice me?” Well, making the perfect resume is a myth, because nothing is … Continued