How to Get More Clients!

How to Get More Clients! If you are currently a practicing lawyer, you probably understand how important your clients are to the health of your firm. After all, without your clients, there is no firm, at least not one that is running productively! Not to mention, your job may depend upon generating new clients. Maybe your firm motivates its lawyers to find more clients by offering raises, bonus opportunities or more. Or worse—maybe your job could be at stake if … Continued

Becoming an Exceptional Law Firm Associate

As September nears, you’re getting both excited and nervous!  You’re just about to start your new job as a law firm associate.  You survived college and law school!  You landed yourself the perfect summer position with a great law firm during your second year of law school, you successfully managed the summer associate process – received an offer for a full-time position after law school, and, now, you even survived and passed the bar!  Before going into a career in … Continued

Setting Yourself Apart: How To Become an Outstanding Law Firm Associate

  Becoming an exemplary law firm associate is all about skill, hard work, practice, and luck. Chances are you will begin your first job with confidence and skill, using your extensive training to make smart and ethical decisions on a daily basis. Even so, it is also unlikely that you will be the same person that you are today several years from now, at least professionally speaking. Through the guidance of your colleagues and mentors, you grow with every new … Continued

Juggling Multiple Offers: How to Pick the Right Law Firm

  If you’re one of the 62% of lawyers who has moved, or is considering a move to a new firm, within the first four years of practice, we know that choosing which organization to join is a big one, especially when there are multiple offers on the table. Clearly not all law firms are the same. Yes, they all have salaries, practice areas, and locations – but each firm is different in meaningful ways. Law Firm Culture Culture is … Continued

7 Steps for Crafting the Perfect Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is designed to be a synopsis about your educational and professional careers.  The speech is not only supposed to inform the listener, but should also also pique the listener’s interest so they want to know more.  The elevator speech/pitch is thus named because the pitch is supposed to be no longer than the length of an average elevator ride.  There are seven key steps for ensuring that an elevator pitch is informative and interesting and will help … Continued