5 Most Common Networking Mistakes

Networking events serve as great opportunities for marketing your firm, business development, and learning about potential employment opportunities. These events bring together people who have common goals and experiences; they are professionals just like YOU. Yet, so many of us enter into these networking opportunities with trepidation or, worse, overzealous expectations. If you leave a networking event empty-handed, here is what you could be doing wrong. The “WIIFM” Mindset. Having a “What’s in it for me?” mindset will not only … Continued

Does The Economy React to Supreme Court Decisions?

  The title of this article may raise a few eyebrows. After all, how do legal matters in any way affect the ways in which our economy runs daily, ebbing and flowing accordingly? But according to one research report published in late August of this year, it may be worth the time of stock traders and legal professionals to pay closer attention to economic surges and slumps after major Supreme Court decisions. That report was “Law on the Market? Evaluating … Continued

Six Simple Rules Every Associate Should Follow

Six Simple Rules Every Associate Should Follow For Law Firm Success! Are you a first-year or a junior associate who just started with your full-time law firm associate position?  If you are, do you have a ton of questions about how to be a successful associate?  If you do, you are not alone!  All first-year and new associates have some questions, and everyone needs a little advice!  The most successful associates get the answers to their questions as quickly as … Continued

Should You Double Down On Your End of Year Job Search Activities: What You Should Be Doing Now!

Should You Double Down On Your End of Year Job Search Activities?  What You Should Be Doing Now! As we all know, any job search can be very stressful!  With each search you undertake, there are a host of stressors—fear that you will not be able to stand out against your competition, fear that you will not find your dream job, anxiety over making an income that can adequately support you and so on. And, to make matters worse, the … Continued

How Diverse is Wall Street . . . Really?

How Diverse is Wall Street . . . Really? Diversity has been a hot topic in the national news media during recent years, especially as related to employment and talent management.  High-profile organizations like Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have all released their diversity numbers. However, what about Wall Street? That’s certainly a fair question, one that was answered—at least to some degree—by Vault.com’s recent Banking Survey of 3,000 investment banking professionals. In the survey, Vault asked these professionals … Continued