The Amateur’s Guide To Surviving Networking Events

The Amateur’s Guide To Surviving Networking Events Like most things, networking events get easier with practice. However, that’s hardly useful advice when you’ve never been to a networking even before. And though it may take some time for you to get used to networking, that doesn’t mean you can’t hit the ground running.  Here are the top 6 tips for the amateur’s guide to surviving networking events so you make the most out of your first networking event. 1. Know … Continued

Law Firm Rankings — Good or Bad?

How Exactly Are Law Firms Ranked?  In our previous blog post, we explored exactly how law firms are ranked. While we answered that question, we uncovered another one in the process. What exactly do law firm rankings mean? Do they mean anything to either a client or a person seeking long-term employment as an attorney? This blog post will address why law firm rankings matter and how they could benefit you, from the perspective of either a client or an … Continued

3 Ways to Bounce Back After an Unproductive Day of Job Searching

Productive Job Searching! We’ve all been there during a job search—that moment at the end of a day when you realize you didn’t get nearly enough done. That can be tough to rebound from, and I’ve been there enough to know that this negative momentum can quickly snowball to the point where all you want to do is curl up on your couch and keep watching terrible reality TV shows. However, before you get to that point, there are a few … Continued

7 Career Tips I Learned From Batman And Superman

7 Career Tips I Learned From Batman And Superman Two of pop culture’s largest icons are set to lock horns this weekend for the first time on the silver screen in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” If you’re looking for early spoilers or a detailed description of key plot points within the movie, you’ve come to the right place! No, not really!!  But, if you are looking for 7 career tips I learned from Batman and Superman, keep reading!  And, … Continued

How Exactly Are Law Firms Ranked?

How Exactly Are Law Firms Ranked? Law firm rankings can be confusing. Perhaps to you, they are nothing but daunting lists of numbers that on the surface tell you nothing particularly useful, except maybe which law firms are the best. But what makes them the best? And how are such rankings even determined? In other words, how exactly are law firms ranked? Publishers Rank Law Firms Several reputable sources across the United States publish law firm rankings. They may vary … Continued

Could You Work Abroad?

Are You Seeking an International Professional Experience? Does the idea of practicing law abroad excite you, make you eager to work and immerse yourself in the customs and cultures of an unfamiliar but exciting setting? Or, are you more comfortable with the familiarity of home and do not see yourself changing your work environment so drastically any time soon? Perhaps you are somewhere in the middle or are not sure where you stand at all. Practicing law abroad sounds rewarding … Continued

I Have a Call Back Interview? How Do I Nail It?

How to Present Your Best Self in the Second Round Imagine that you are at home after another long day of sending in job applications and attending interviews. Dinner is quickly approaching and you are debating whether to have food delivered. Suddenly, your phone rings. You glance down at the number on the screen. Your palms begin to sweat, but you know that you have to pick up. You take a deep breath and then answer the call with a … Continued

Interview Tips For The Ages!!

5 Job Interview Tips to Steal From Presidential Candidates In one telling moment on a January episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” presidential candidate Donald Trump submits to a mock job interview. “I mean, you’re running for the biggest job in the world, really the most important job,” says Fallon, before picking up a clipboard and asking Trump about his strengths and weaknesses. It’s true. Presidential candidates are, in essence, interviewing for one very big job while their … Continued

Why Women Say “Sorry” and What to Do About It

Why Women Say “Sorry” and What to Do About It Many women often say the words “I’m sorry” in their day-to-day lives. While apologizing is not a bad thing, sometimes there is no apparent reason for them to feel bad and/or the situation is not their fault at all. Many females probably do this because apologies seem to be linked with the idea of politeness. Then, over time, “sorry” becomes a part of their daily vocabulary and they use it … Continued

5 Resume Traits That Will Get You Hired

5 Resume Traits That Will Get You Hired When I ask job seekers to name their biggest gripes with the job search process, one answer keeps coming up: Employers never respond to their job applications or resumes.  So, what 5 resume traits will get you hired?  Here is a top five checklist of items that you should consider in preparing your resume: 1. Professional appearance Looks matter, and not just during the interview. If your resume appears slapped together, you’re … Continued