Want a New Job? 5 Things You Can Do to Increase Your Chances of Getting the Job

Recruiters are getting savvy about using data analytics to measure up candidates, but an algorithm isn’t going to know whether a company’s culture is a good fit. It can’t read body language or make eye contact. At the end of the day, relationships still trump technology. At Epsilon, a global multi-channel marketing company, hiring for attitude is a big deal. The company has found that a “high touch” approach leads to good hiring decisions. It’s an approach that includes making … Continued

I Think My Resume Keeps Ending Up In Recycling? Why?

9 Reasons Your Resume Keeps Ending Up on the Bottom of the Pile Sending in application after application can get frustrating quickly, especially if you’re not receiving any requests for an interview. Is it simply that every job opening is ridiculously competitive, or are you doing something wrong? Yes, it’s often the former, but it’s also probably time to go over your materials with a fine-tooth comb. Below are nine common resume mistakes job seekers make that keep them from … Continued

Be The Go-To Employee! How To Build Credibility At Work!!

10 Phrases to Memorize if You Want to Sound More Trustworthy Let’s face it:  We’re responsible for what comes out of our mouths. And while people are 100% responsible for how they react to our comments, choosing our words wisely will impact relationships. It starts with the speaker. So, what can you say consistently as a person of integrity that will cause others to gravitate toward you and eventually say, “This is someone I can trust”? You can start with … Continued

My Job Has Stalled — I Have To Get Out Of This Rut!!

The Simple Mindset Change That’ll Break You Out of Your Career Rut I don’t know about you, but just hearing the term “career rut” puts me in a serious funk. It sounds never-ending, hopeless, and above all, not particularly aspirational. Nothing about it makes you want to get up and move, right? A friend and I spoke about this several months ago when I jokingly said, “It’s not a career rut—it’s a pivot period!” Yeah, a “pivot period” sounds really … Continued

Up Your Professionalism!!

3 Subtle Ways You’re Making Yourself Look Amateur to Other Professionals I help people nail their branding—it’s what I love to do, and I’ve helped hundreds of professionals get their message right. The thing is, it doesn’t matter if I’m chatting with a freshly-hatched graduate or an executive of 20 years: Everybody has a blind spot. An area where they’re not “talking the talk.” And yes, this still matters even if you’re not in the heat of a major career … Continued

Career Advice: 11 Steps To Help Secure Your Job in 2017

Secure Your Job in 2017 There is no such thing as guaranteed employer stability in today’s world.  Although the economy has improved significantly since 2007, it can still be tumultuous.  And, when companies face an uneasy economy, layoffs can occur.  If you sense layoffs are looming with your organization, follow these steps to improve your long-term outlook. Come to work early and stay late. This illustrates, like as nothing else, that you are trying. The additional time empowers you to … Continued

Happy New Year 2017!!!

Happy New Year 2017!!! As we wish you a happy new year, may the New Year in 2017 bring to you good tidings of warmth and love.  May 2017 bring you a light to guide your path towards a positive life destination!!   If you dream it, you can have a new year, a new job, a new career, and a new you!   We wish you joy and happiness in that process! New Year!!  New Job!!  New Career!!  New You!! … Continued