Are You Working Too Hard?

3 Subtle Differences Between Workaholics and High Performers “I’m a recovering workaholic,” admits Jullien Gordon, a nationally recognized corporate speaker, on his website. Workaholism, he says, looks similar to high performance on the outside – but they’re actually nothing alike. Gordon spent years doing research and conducting experiments on himself to understand the difference between workaholism and high performance. He found that while they look like hard work, “the big difference is how the individual feels on the inside about who … Continued

I Can’t Do It! How Will I Ever Succeed?

12 Destructive Habits You Need to Stop Right Now Most of us routinely underestimate our talents and skills–not deliberately, but because of self-deprecating habits. At the extreme, you can become your own worst enemy. But even a little bit of negativity toward yourself can slow you down and cause you to miss out on great opportunities. Ask yourself if you need to change any of these destructive habits: 1. You don’t believe in yourself. Self-talk is a strong force, whether … Continued

I Want To Make A Career Change — How Do I Do It? Change Your Career, Change Your Life!

5 Game-Changing Career Change Strategies From People Who Have Already Done It Making any sort of career change can seem daunting, even if you’re just moving from one specialty within your field to another. But if you’re totally starting from scratch, transitioning into a completely new thing? That can feel downright impossible. But it’s not, and we’ve got proof. The five people below successfully made pretty massive career changes, and not only lived to tell the tale but are now … Continued

I’m Looking For A New Job . . . Should I Tell My Boss?

Is It Ever OK to Tell the Boss You’re Looking for a New Job? The employee/boss relationship is a tricky thing to nail down. You might think that everything’s friendly, but things could change on a dime once you announce that you’ve got one foot out the door. What should you do to keep that friendly vibe going (and ensure you get a good recommendation in the end)? Think about it, before you blab to your boss that you’re outtie-5000. … Continued

What Happens If I Say No In The Office?

3 Ways Saying No at Work Can Boost Your Career Many of us believe, whether consciously or not, that it’s important to say yes at work, especially to our bosses. Even if we realize rationally that sometimes we need to say no to better manage our time – because we are overwhelmed or if we aren’t capable of handling a task – I think most of us are hardwired to be pleasers and say yes at work. It makes sense … Continued

Is Work Life Balance Any Good? Here’s How You Can Be Certain.

Work-Life: Striking a Balance Life has the tendency to come up with different chapters every day, be it home, school or work. It tends to wear you out with duties as well as chores. The cut-throat competition in the outside world is no less of a humongous task for working professionals who aspire to grow in their fields. Everyday turns into a battle to accomplish our to-do list and meet expectations. When it comes to outshining competition, one desires financial … Continued

I Just Received A Job Offer — What Should I Negotiate?

Look Beyond Salary: 6 Benefits to Negotiate After a Job Offer You’ve got yourself a job offer, but you are not pleased with the proposed salary. That’s okay. Most employers expect that you will try to negotiate on an offer. Before you do so, make sure that you have as much solid information as possible in hand. You should perform research online to figure out typical salaries for the job in the location where you’ll be working, as well as … Continued