Are You Procrastinating?

10 Valid Reasons You Didn’t Accomplish Your Career Goal This Year You know that thing when you really want to get a new job, or take a course, or update your LinkedIn—but you can’t because you’re too busy to even think about it? Same! So I get it. And as I looked at my own to-do list for 2016 and realized how little I checked off, I couldn’t help but wonder where the time went. That question led me to … Continued

Embrace Hard Realities And Achieve Career Success!!!

8 Realities Successful People Face Head On Ask any successful person how they got to the top, and they’ll tell you they had to face plenty of harsh truths and realities to get there. This isn’t meant to be intimidating—it’s empowering! Plenty of ultra-successful people have had to face tough obstacles in the moment, but luckily you have the luxury of time and preparation. Learning these lessons now will allow you to greatly improve and continue on your journey to … Continued

Here’s How To Be Resilient At Work!!!

A 3-Step Guide to Bouncing Back After Your Boss Says No to You It’s hard not to get excited when you wake up with an idea that you think your boss will love. Not only will it add one billion dollars to your company’s bottom line and make everyone’s wildest dreams come true, but you’ll probably go on to become a company legend. But then you present your idea at a departmental meeting and your boss responds with a curt, … Continued

I’m Unhappy At Work . . . What Do I Do Next?

3 Things to Ask Yourself if You’re Unhappy at Work and Unsure What to Do Next If you’ve ever dreamed about speaking your mind to your horrible boss and then walking out, head held high, you’re not alone. Enticing as it is to fantasize about sticking it to the man (or woman) who’s largely responsible for making your life miserable, few of us actually act on these impulses—and for good reason. Burning bridges and acting without a modicum of professionalism … Continued

How To Prove Your Value To A Hiring Manager!

Here’s How You Can Get a Hiring Manager’s Attention Fast My graduate school adviser hated me. I complained that I couldn’t get a job at a startup, and she was sick of students complaining. Every student thought they were special and were befuddled why companies didn’t agree. Her advice to me? Get lunch with Tristan Walker, a CEO and founder. So I did, and it changed how I apply for jobs. Here’s how: The Story Tristan wanted to work at … Continued

Why You Need To Work Your Way Up To The Top!

You Will Always Have to Pay Your Dues, Even in Your Dream Career Before I finally gathered the courage to quit my job and pursue my goal of becoming a freelance writer, my mind was constantly swimming with all of the daydream-worthy visions of how awesome my career was going to inevitably be. “I’ll spend my days cozied up in the corner of a quaint coffee shop,” I’d think to myself, “With my laptop in front of me and a … Continued

I Get So Many Emails! It’s Giving Me Anxiety!! Here’s Why.

The Scientific Reasons Why Email Makes You Feel So Anxious Email taps into all my biggest fears and anxieties. When I have unread messages lingering in my inbox, I feel stressed. When I forget to respond to someone for a week, I feel like a traitor. When I write something that accidentally upsets someone because it lacks my usual exclamation points, I feel mean. Overall, it’s not much of a confidence booster for me. The thing is, I do this … Continued

My Boss Made Me Cry!

5 Tips to Help You Stop Taking Negative Feedback So Personally Feedback—even when delivered politely and constructively—can undoubtedly be tough to swallow. No matter how many compliments or affirmations you receive, it’s typical to have that one pesky, negative piece of criticism that continues to echo around your brain and undermine your self-assuredness. We’ve all been there. Dozens of people might tell me how much they admire my writing. But, it’s always that one piece that’s been destroyed by an … Continued

Do I Have Time To Network? Yes . . . In 15 Minutes!

The Secret to Keeping Your Network Warm in Just 15 Minutes a Week 15 minutes a week. You can spare that, right? If so, you can use that tiny amount of time each week to connect with people in your network and foster existing relationships. Now, if you have a large network—and no matter how you’re tempted to answer that, it’s probably bigger than you think—you might think the task of keeping up with everyone when it’s not totally necessary … Continued