Am I In Need Of A Break? Do I Need A Vacation?

19 Signs You Need to Take a Day Off ASAP (or Risk Serious Burnout) Regardless of position, industry, or size of paycheck, I highly doubt anyone’s thrilled to go to work every single day—even if you’re generally happy to be at the office. You might love your job, or think your boss is the greatest, or truly believe in your mission, but those feelings won’t always be immutable. There are telltale signs that you’re coming upon a breaking point which, if not … Continued

Private Equity Law

Private Equity Law What is private equity? Private equity funds usually refer to the type of investments organized into funds or pools that are not publicly traded. Private equity investors typically are not individuals usually, but rather, are large institutional investors, university endowments, or wealthy individuals. Private equity firms often use debt financing to acquire other businesses, which are then restructured to sell for a higher price. Most commonly, these sophisticated investors invest in private equity through leveraged buyouts, venture … Continued

Help!?!? I Think I Need To Fix My Cover Letter!!

7 Things You Need to Double-Check Before You Submit Your Cover Letter Congrats, you did all the hard work that comes with writing the ultimate cover letter! You included all your relevant experience, you added a creative and eye-catching introduction, and you ended on a great note. (Or, at least I hope you did all these things.) You’re so close to pressing “send” and getting one step closer to that dream job. But—you probably know where I’m going with this—before you declare you’re completely and … Continued

If You Need Help With Your Cover Letter, Here Are More Resources!!

12 Great Resources if Writing a Cover Letter Fills You With Dread When you think about writing cover letters, what emotions come to mind? Joy? Excitement? I’m going to hazard a guess and say those probably aren’t the feelings you experience when you face that blank computer screen. The essential job-searching task is more likely to make you feel dread than anything else. Unfortunately, although it can feel like a daunting exercise, it’s typically a necessary step that’s intended to … Continued

How To Manage Your Career Path Better!!

5 Classic Career Rules You’ll Be Forced to Break We’ve all heard those tried-and-true cliches meant to guide your career decisions. They come from people whose experience and advice you respect. They’re supposed to make your life easier, functioning as givens you can fall back on. But that’s not always the case and you might actually be an exception. Case in point, here are five rules you may be better off ignoring: 1. “Do What You Love” You’ve been looking for a … Continued

How To Have The Best Second Interview!!

3 Stupid Mistakes Smart People Make in Second Interviews Congratulations! You’ve made it past the first interview round and the hiring manager wants to bring you in again to speak with more people. It’s all happening now, right? Sorta. Yes, you’re moving on and that’s great. But the truth is that a second round isn’t a guarantee that you’re getting the job or even a top contender. And that means you still have to be on top of your game if you want to … Continued

How Do I Get Over Making Mistakes At Work?

4 Mistakes You’re Still Allowed to Make (No Matter How Experienced You Are) You know the term “rookie mistake” and you know that when you’re new at something, you’ll stumble and fall a few times as you learn. But, the permission to make mistakes in the name of learning fades away as you gain more experience. You move into the category where you’re supposed to “know better.” And while yes, getting it right is always a good goal; there are four mistakesyou’re allowed … Continued

It’s A New Year And I Need A New Job!! How Do I Manage My Job Search Successfully?

5 Questions Successful Job Searchers Always Ask Themselves The annoying thing about the job search is that it can feel like a full-time job in and of itself—and that’s because it kind of is! A truly effective search takes time, focus, patience, and a lot of hard work and vigilance. As they say, good things come to those who wait and put in their time (OK, I added that last bit). So, before jumping into it and possibly wasting your own … Continued