How Do I Crush The Final Interview?

Ask a Career Coach: How Can I Beat Out Another Candidate in the Final Interview? Question: Career Coach, I’ve been interviewing for several weeks for a new position. Honestly, I’m a perfect fit for this role. I have the experience, and I’ve hit all of the key points from their job description in my resume. The salary is right in my range, plus I love the company’s culture and values. I’ve had two in-person interviews, and I’m scheduled to go … Continued

How Do I Find a Job Where I Do What I Love?!?

The Secret to Loving Your Next Job: Play to Your Strengths Do You Hate Your Job?  Or Just Parts of It? You’ve been in your sales position for a few years now, and are eager to take on more responsibilities, earn more money and advance your career. You’re great at organizing your pipeline and you never fail to follow up on a lead. You even have great idea about how your company can source new clients. But, if you are … Continued

What Business Development Skills Do I Have? What Skills Do I Need?

5 Skills You Can Use to Transfer Into a Sales Career (That You Probably Already Have) So the sales track has caught your eye. Maybe your friend has bragged about the commission, or you’re sick of spending your days in front of a computer having zero interaction with others. However, you can’t think of a single skill that’ll help you land the role. The first place to start is to ask yourself, “Have I done anything related to sales?” Before you immediately throw in … Continued

I Didn’t Get The Job — How Do I Stay Resilient?

Your 4-Step Plan for Bouncing Back When You Don’t Get the Job Offer “Thanks for your interest, but we’ve decided to go with another candidate.” This is a crappy email to receive, particularly when you thought you had it in the bag. The exceptional opportunity that you believed was a perfect fit is no longer on the table. It seemed like an offer was definitely in the works, too; after all, you’d sent them references upon request, and even briefly chatted about … Continued