I’m Applying For A New Job — How Do I Make An Employer WANT To Read My Application?

HOW TO MAKE AN EMPLOYER WANT TO READ YOUR APPLICATION Employers don’t really care about YOU, they only care about what you can do for THEM. I’ve lost count of the cases I’ve seen where applicants with the best education, training or experience lose the job to someone with less education, skills and experience. The reason for this is that the applicant with the better skills or experience simply didn’t sell themselves to the employer as well as the less … Continued

Help! I Have A Preliminary Interview with A Finance/Accounting Recruiter. What Do I Say?

How to Answer Questions from Your Finance/Accounting Recruiter In another blog post, we addressed “How to Answer General Questions Posed by a Recruiter.” In this post, we’re going to explore questioned posed by an accounting and finance recruiter specifically. Once again, although these are sample answers, when faced with these questions or questions that are similar, you should have an answer prepared that best fits your background and set of circumstances. Below are common answers to questions posed by a … Continued

Eek!! I Thought I Was Fine But My Interview Blew Up!

GOING OFF THE RAILS IN INTERVIEWS? Every day almost, we get an email that goes like this: I’ve been through a couple of long interviews (several interviews with the same company). But at the end, when is down to 2 or 3 candidates, I never get the job. Do you know a method to identify what is it I?m doing wrong? In our experience, the best way to find out what is going wrong is to phone whoever interviewed you … Continued

I Received a Call from a Recruiter for an Interview for My Perfect Job. What Do I Do Now?

How to Answer General Questions From Your Recruiter  Although the process to getting the job offer that you want may be a long one, the answers you provide to the recruiter’s questions at the beginning of the process – whether corporate or agency – can demonstrate your readiness for the position and can show that you are the perfect candidate! As a result, you must be prepared to respond to interview questions that recruiters typically ask. It’s recommended that you … Continued