A Headhunter Called Me – Should I Call Him Back?

What Are Recruiters and What Can I Expect From Them? Question:  A recruiter called me and left me a message asking me if I was interested in being considered for a new position.  I’m not really looking to leave my current job, should I call him back? Answer:  Of course!!  Why?  Because, you never know!!  At some stage point, there’s a good chance that you’re going to encounter a recruiter.  Even if you are not looking now, call him or … Continued

I Have A Conflict With A New Manager — I Think I Should Quit My Job.

PEOPLE DON’T QUIT JOBS, THEY QUIT MANAGERS Steven was an incredible account executive (he worked in sales). He was very effective at getting new business and as a result he built new accounts worth tens of millions of dollars each year. He was happy and his company loved him. Then a new manager took over Steven’s department. He shuffled things around and decided that each salesperson should be assigned a number of clients to work with. That’s when things started … Continued

I Have An Interview — How Do I Handle Tough Interview Questions??

HANDLE THE TOUGH INTERVIEW QUESTIONS Q. How do you handle stress? Notice how this question is subtly different to “can you handle stress?” Reply with: “I break my work down into smaller steps and work through those steps rather than get worked up over the bigger picture.” Or: “I tend to see problems arising before they become too large to handle and I make contingencies to cover them.” Q. How long have you been looking for work/another position? If you’ve … Continued

I’m Looking for a New Job . . . Can A Recruiter Help Me?

General FAQs About Working with a Recruiter “The wand chooses the wizard.” (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone). These memorable words from Mr. Ollivander to Harry Potter can be applied to the real and somewhat less exciting world of employment. In other words, the job chooses you. But how is that? Full of questions, you may be thinking to yourself, “I’m looking for a new job, and I’m new to the job search process . . . But, how does … Continued