I’m An Experienced Lawyer, Looking for a Lateral Move. How Do I Best Work With A Legal Recruiter?

Advanced FAQs in Working with a Legal Recruiter Question:  I’m an experienced lawyer, looking for a lateral move.  I’ve been with my firm for about 4 years and I am worried about my professional development stagnating.  I’m hoping a lateral move to a new firm will help me acquire advanced skills in my practice area.  Should I work with a legal recruiter?  How do I best work with a legal recruiter to achieve these goals? Answer:  To achieve your goals … Continued

I’m A New Lawyer and I’m Looking for A New Job – Should I Work with a Legal Recruiter?

Beginner FAQs About Working with a Legal Recruiter Question:  I’m a new lawyer and I’m looking for a new job.  Although I am looking, currently, I have an offer from a small firm and I’m not sure the firm is the right fit for me.  Should I work with a legal recruiter to find a new position? Answer:  To help answer that question, we have . . . more questions. Luckily, though, we also have answers with these beginner FAQs … Continued

Help! I Got an Interview Through a Recruiter – Will She Help Me Get Ready?

What to Expect From Recruiters During the Interview Process Question:  Help! I got an interview through a recruiter with a new company.  I’m not sure what to do next.  Will she help me get ready?  Will she help me prepare for the meeting with the interviewer at the new company? Answer:  The short answer is yes, of course!  Previously, we talked about why it’s important to talk to recruiters when they call and what you might expect from them (“A … Continued

I’m Over-Qualified For My Job? Do I Include It On My Resume?

WHAT SKILLS I SHOULD LEAVE OFF MY RESUME? I am currently working as a courtesy clerk at a large grocery store chain. The duties are quite menial and I have been there since May 2001. I bag groceries for customers, take them to their car as needed, clean up spills when necessary, put merchandise back on shelves, and bring carts back to the central collection point. My wife says I should leave this position off my resume but if I … Continued