Are You Looking for Work in All the Wrong Places?

THE HIDDEN JOB MARKET – LOOKING FOR WORK IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES? Another morning of job hunting lies ahead of you. You pour a cup of coffee and open the paper to the employment section. With a mixture of anticipation and desperation you pick up a stub of pencil and prepare to target and identify some possible job opportunities. There are less ads to circle this morning and despite the promising words and vague descriptions you have begun to … Continued

I Hate My Law Firm Practice Area and It Might Be a Dead End, Should I Retool?

Concrete Tips to Retool Your Practice Areas as a Junior Associate   Question:  Ack!!  I’m a mid-level associate at a big AmLaw 100 law firm.  When I choose this firm as a summer associate, it was the the best firm where I received an offer.  When I received my permanent offer, I thought I would be in a different practice area.  Now, I have a couple years of experience in an area where I have NO interest.  Additionally, it looks … Continued

I’m Looking for An Easy Way To Find A New Job . . .

STRESS-FREE JOB HUNTING GUIDE Hunting for the perfect job for an individual requires time, effort and knowledge. For stress free job-hunting, every individual must first consider the following pointers before starting your job hunting process: 1. Know what type of job you would like to apply for.  Gate crashing job fairs that offer work not related to one’s degree or work preference would be a waste of time. Consider your interests, preference of work location and job shifts (to be … Continued

Problem-Solving Skills You Need To Master!!

Are You A Solution To A Company’s Problem? Let’s face it, every workplace has their problems, and every boss wants a solution to that problem. As an active job seeker you are in a position to market yourself as a solution to that company’s problem(s) by demonstrating you are results-oriented as opposed to task-oriented. How do you do that? Let’s take the example of my client, Adrian.  Adrian is a Safety Officer with a background in assessing site conditions and … Continued

“Good to Great”: Tips for Becoming a Great Law Firm Associate!

5 Concrete Tips for Becoming a Great Law Firm Associate! In Good to Great, Jim Collins tackles the issue of corporate success.  He researches and explores the reasons why some corporations “make the leap [to greatness] … and others don’t” (Collins). After years of research, he found that corporations who follow a certain path – take specific development steps – have long-term success and that corporations who do not, eventually fail, or never make it to the next level.  Associate … Continued