How to Interview . . . Or, What Does Your Body Language Say . . .

  There is a common saying that goes, “actions speak louder than words” and that is most certainly the case during job interviews.  The interview for any position is a vital predictor of whether your will receive an offer. Being able to appropriately engage with your interviewer, state your skills and speak your ideas and experiences fluently are very important things to remember. But let’s start at the beginning as soon as you meet your interviewer, the handshake. Handshake: First … Continued

Do Challenges Make You Grow Professionally?

Appreciate Challenges – The 7 Things Challenges Teaches You At Work Ever appreciate challenges that come your way? Ever thought it can have a positive impact on you? When things get tough in the office, you can learn a lot from it. In fact, you get away much richer in experience than you would know. Think about it this way, challenges are free lessons for experiences you can use for the rest of your life. How can challenges be positive? 1. … Continued

My Career Prospects Are Uncertain — What Do I Do?

Managing Uncertainties – How to Deal with the Uncertainties of Career Change Personally, I have gone through two difficult experiences managing uncertainties of a career change. Well, in fact, three times if you count the time I quit within the first three days when I realized the dot com company I joined was a mistake. Mistake or otherwise, I know the unnerving experience too well. In fact, the third time around? I am better at managing uncertainties of a career … Continued

How Can a Person Network Without Looking Needy or Desperate?

Networking is an essential part of the professional world now a days. It is currently one of the best ways to land a career, get promotions or expand a business. Social networking sites are becoming the new resumes that recruiters and hiring managers use to screen applicants. Not only can networking help you in getting the job or the connection you desire, but it can also create opportunities for you that you have not even thought of. So how do you … Continued