What IS Your Dream Job Description?

Dream Job Description: Have You Ever Tried Writing One? Have you ever tried writing your dream job description? If you have not, how do you know what your dream job is? Now, I am addressing this specifically to people who are always talking about that one ideal job where they can do less and get more. If you know your dream job description which to me comes with a designation on it, good for you. That means like a teacher, … Continued

How Do You Find Your Professional Mentor?

Finding a professional mentor can seem time consuming and an additional task at times. However, the payoff for having a professional mentor is worth your time and energy. A mentor is an individual whose experience and knowledge the mentee respects and admires. It is someone who has the wisdom and know-how that can support the professional growth and development of the mentee. Often times it is someone in senior level management, a boss, a professor or in general a person with more experience … Continued

How Important Is Job Satisfaction To You?

7 Strategies to Increase Your Job Satisfaction Wherever You Work No one can deny the importance of job satisfaction in our lives. The fact that we spend a huge amount of our waking hours at work means job satisfaction will also play a huge role in our lives. While you look for the dream career or job that will make you happy, whatever job you are doing now must significantly contribute to your happiness. That is the crucial importance of … Continued

How Do You Handle the Difficult Interview Questions?

  For most applicants, interviews are a nerve-wracking, anxiety-causing event.  After applying to any number of different positions, most people get only a few calls for an interview.  And, it is because there are so few interview opportunities, that applicants stress over the process of preparing for and going in to an interview.  Applicants are not only trying to succeed at answering every question right, but also are competing with others for the same position.  Some applicants might be more qualified … Continued