Should You Quit Your Job?

Quit Your Job – The 17 Things to Ask and Consider before Making the Decision Quit your job? After all, you hate your job, you hate your boss, you dislike your clients, you loathe even the place you park your car. So, do you go ahead to quit or do you hang on? Can things change where you are now? I am sure there are a lot of things you must be thinking of before quitting your job. I do … Continued

How to be Absolutely Essential at Work

  No matter who we are or what our titles are with our company, all of use certainly want to be essential at work. Why?  Because work is not just a means to the end, it can bring meaning and significance to that part of our lives. After all, we spend countless hours at work, we invest a lot into it, we make sacrifices, we get frustrated with failures, and we celebrate successes and promotions. It is a vital part … Continued

I’ve Moved Around A Lot In the Past Few Years. Is It Effecting My Salary?

3 Ways Job-Hopping Might Mean Leaving Money on the Table A big incentive for jumping from one job to the next, in a relatively short space of time, is that it makes it feasible to climb up the income ladder. Every time you are offered a new job, it’s an opportunity to brush up your salary negotiation skills and seek out better compensation. That said, there might be some ways that job-hopping can hurt your earning power or net worth. … Continued

Top 11 Things to Consider After You Receive a Job Offer, But Before You Take the Job . . .

    The ups and downs of today’s economy can be reflected in the job market. In some cases, many people feel pressured about obtaining a position that brings in enough money to pay the rent or buy groceries.  But, before you rush to say “yes,” there are a couple things one must consider. After all you wouldn’t want to work for a company where you hate what you do everyday just to make buck. 1. Do you like it? First, … Continued